There are a few factors to consider here. If your shoe has a full-length removable insole, then the Pedistep Active orthotic is the best option.  Shoes with a removable insole tend to be casual, sporting and recreational shoes that are loose fitting.

 The Pedistep Active orthotic replaces the factory fitted insole, which you removed and replaced with the Pedistep Active Orthotic.  If the Pedistep Active orthotic is a little longer than the shoe itself, you can use the factory insole as a template to trim down the Pedistep orthotic so that it fits snuggly in the shoe. 

Click here to see how to fit the full length orthotic to a full-length shoe

If your shoes don’t have a removable factory fitted insole then the Pedistep Regular orthotic is the best option.  These shoes are generally fashion or dress shoes they have a narrower last and are usually a tighter fit.  The Pedistep Regular orthotic is a 2/3 Length orthotic that is designed to sit on top of the non-removable insole. 

If you intend to swap your Pedistep orthotics between shoes with a removable insole and shoes without a removable insole, the Pedistep Regular Orthotic is the perfect choice.  It can sit on top of the factory insole even if it’s a removable.

If you want to wear the Pedistep orthotics in fashion footwear such as with an high heel, boots or ballet flats, then use the High Heel Fashion orthotic.  Don’t try to fit either a 2/3 or a full length Pedistep orthotic into these types of shoes, they won’t fit.

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