The plantar fascia is a long thick band of tissue that sits under the foot and connects the heel (the calcaneus) to the forefoot (the metatarsals). Its main job is to support the arch of the foot and allow it to move properly during weight bearing activity.

When the foot pronates excessively, the plantar fascia stretches and elongates. Over time, the repeated stretching causes the tissue to tear at the point where the plantar fascia connects to the heel, causing pain and inflammation.
The pain is usually felt in the morning when getting out of bed, or standing up and walking after a period of prolonged sitting.
Plantar fasciitis may develop with weight gain or pregnancy, or after starting a new physical activity.

If left untreated, the tearing of the plantar fascia away from the heel may result in the development of a heel spur, which is the bodies attempt to reattach the torn plantar fascia to the heel.

One of the most effective treatments for plantar fasciitis are orthotics that limit excessive pronation and support the arches of the foot.
This stops the excessive stretching of the plantar fascia and allows the tear to heal.
By limiting the excessive pronation, the Pedistep orthotics also reduce the likelihood that you will develop further symptoms such as a heel spur in the future