The only difference between the Pedistep orthotics range and the ICB Medial range of prescription orthotics is the density of the product – which determines how hard they are.

The ICB Medical range of orthotics are prescribed by a medical professional such as a podiatrist, physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopath or doctor, who will first assess you and provide you with an appropriate orthotic for your unique needs.  These orthotics are available in a variety of densities, some of which are quite firm, and can be moulded to your feet so that they contour to the exact shape of your foot, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

The Pedistep orthotic is softer than the prescription ICB orthotics, this means you can buy them and wear them without needing to see a medical professional – this saves you time and more importantly money.

In many cases it can be cheaper to replace your Pedistep orthotics yearly, rather than getting a more expensive prescription orthotic every 2 to 3 years.

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