Shin splints is the term given to pain that occurs along the front of your shin.  The medical term is medial tibial stress syndrome.

The condition is caused by excessive pronation and usually occurs with moderate or high intensity activities.  It is sometimes referred to as exercise induced pain.

When your foot pronates excessively, the muscles and connective tissue around your shin work harder trying limit how much the foot flattens out, the same muscles and connective tissue then works harder trying to lift the flat foot back off the ground.  All of this places a lot of stress on the muscles and connective tissue that becomes inflamed and painful.

The Pedistep orthotics are a great way to treat shin splints.  They limit excessive pronation and support your feet. 

Other treatment options include rest and cold therapy, which will only address the symptoms of pain and inflammation, rather than the underlying cause, which is the excessive pronation.