There are a few factors that will influence how long the Pedistep orthotic last, these are:

  • Bodyweight
  • Level of activity
  • Type of activity

If you are heavy and do a lot of physical activity, or you stand for long periods of time, the orthotics will not last as long as they would with someone who is lighter and does little or no physical activity.

The Pedistep orthotic works by supporting your feet and limiting excessive pronation.  Over time, the Pedistep orthotic will compress and loose its corrective effects, just like the soles of shoes do with wear.

You will notice when this happens because your feet will feel less supported, or you will start getting pain and discomfort in your feet again.

When this occurs remove the Pedistep orthotics and replace them.

If you want a longer lasting orthotic solution, you can always try ICB Medical’s range of heat mouldable prescription orthotics.  These are medical grade orthotics fitted by a healthcare professional who will assess you and prescribe an appropriate orthotic.  These orthotic devices are firmer and have a higher density, meaning that they will last longer. 

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