The Pedistep orthotics are contoured insoles, which are worn in your shoe to support your feet and prevent them from flattening out – a condition called excessive pronation.

The Pedistep orthotics are designed so that the contours of the orthotic support the arches of your feet – just like soft sand does when you walk barefoot.

 In short, Pedistep orthotics give you back your natural footprint and promote a more natural movement of your feet when you walk or run.  This limits excessive pronation and reduces the stress placed on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints of your feet, legs and lower back.

By reducing the stress placed on your feet and lower limbs, the Pedistep orthotics work to treat the underlying cause of many common painful conditions.

The Pedistep range of orthotics evolved out of ICB Medicals range of premade patented dual density orthotics that have been used by medical professionals around the world for more than 20 years.

The ICB Medical design team developed the Pedistep range of orthotics to meet the needs of consumers who wanted the benefits that orthotics offer, without the time and cost that comes with traditional prescription orthotics.

The Pedistep orthotics have all the same therapeutic features as the ICB medical range of orthotics, but, with a much softer density – meaning that you can buy them direct, rather than needing to see a medical professional.

This makes them a great alternative to more expensive custom devices that often sell for between $ 200 to $ 800 depending on the type of orthotic device.

The Pedistep range of orthotics are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices, meaning they conform to the highest standards of design, manufacture and quality control.

The Pedistep orthotics range include 3 different designs that suit a wide variety of footwear, ensuring there is an orthotic solution whatever your preferred footwear.

Now you can reclaim your footprint with Pedistep!